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Secure hosting

Our costs include our managed hosting services – where we fully maintain and manage the hosting environment for your website.

This ‘invisible’ benefit happens behind the scenes where our HO technical team work hard keeping software and security monitored and up to date.

Invaluable peace of mind for your business.

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Bespoke environment

Our Fortress environment is where the majority of clients have their sites hosted – carefully constructed and monitored to ensure it is as a secure as possible whilst still giving access to a rich array of features.

Our Castle environment is available for clients with very specific functionality requirements.  Our aim is to ensure that you never have to worry about back ups, updates, security, up time etc. as we are working to take care of this for you.

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activ hosting includes

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Providing hosting services to clients since 2008, we have and will continue to adapt and evolve with industry requirements.
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We know the value clients place upon this and our HO technical team work hard to ensure our systems are robust and protected.

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Peace of mind

We are constantly working behind the scenes to look after reliability and security.
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Nightly backups

Carried out automatically and stored securely, we create backups of your website to ensure you are protected from loss of information.
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UK hosting

Our sites are hosted on data centres within the UK. Our servers are dedicated for our sites, keeping security tight.
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Included in our costs as we understand the importance of SSL both for security and for the confidence of your website visitors.
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Software and plugin management

Your WordPress website will need these updated and monitored and any potential conflicts managed - another job for our busy HO technical team!
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Used to halt malicious traffic before it can reach your website.
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Personal support

No call centres or ticket sytems - just call or email direct to the people who built and understand your website.

For a no obligation chat regarding your digital marketing requirements, call us on 01371 852277 or Email