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“I’m searching on the internet but I can’t find my website” – that’s not something a business owner wants to be saying!

The fact is the internet is a big place – and if you want to be found you have to stand out from the crowd.

So how to do that?

1) Have a professional website – this doesn’t mean a huge website or an enormously expensive website – just simply a website that is well thought out, well put together and shows attention to detail.

2) Ensure your website is easy to navigate – the number one reason why people leave a website is that they can’t easily find their way around

3) Engage your visitors with fresh, relevant and unique content – establish and promote your expertise.

4) Engage with the search engines – you have to get 1, 2 & 3 right first but then you need to:-

  • let search engines know you are there
  • give them some info to get their teeth into – do all of your pages have unique titles and descriptions? Are your images named well? Are there links within your website and externally to your website? etc etc…..

Don’t be put off by the above – it’s only a short list and we’ve tried to keep it simple!

The fact is that just having a website is not enough – there’s work to do in designing and building it well and then promoting it once it’s live.
Here at Activ we can help you with all of this without bamboozling you with jargon or picking your pockets by charging inflated prices.

Call us today for friendly and sensible advice on how best to get found on the internet.