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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Could it benefit your business?

Whilst Influencer marketing is on the rise it has actually been around longer than you might think. The introduction of influencers on new social media channels such as TikTok has created changing landscapes on long existing platforms like Instagram and Facebook, in order that they remain competitive.

But what is influencer marketing work? How does it actually work? And is it something your business could benefit from?

What is influencer marketing?

Focusing on using influential figures or leaders to drive your brand’s message to a wide spread audience that you currently have little access to. Your business can work with an influencer to directly share your key messages with their large following, including product information or services and highly valued testimonials. Influencers are an alternative to directly marketing to a large group of consumers with traditional techniques.

How does influencer marketing actually work?

  1. Research – identify a target audience and pinpoint who they are most influenced by – what do they engage with online? Who do they follow on social media? This information is key to identifying which influencers are best suited to the business.
  2. Find the right influencer – consider the following:
    1. Does the influencer fit your brand?
    2. Does the influencer have good social media stats?
    3. How big is the influencer’s following?
    4. What’s the influencers engagement level like on their posts?
  3. Approach –  build a relationship, you might not be the only business approaching them for support. Putting your brand ‘front of mind’ is important before asking them to help. You may have to pay a set fee in return for social media coverage, blog coverage and the brand interest. Alternatively, you can offer free products, meals or services in return for their testimonials.
  4. KPIs – set KPIs to ensure the influencer is aware of what you’re trying to achieve from the outset, before you invest in them.

How can influencer marketing benefit your business?

Influencers can amplify your business messages in several ways, here’s some of our favourites:

  1. ROI – with KPIs set, the ROI can be gigantic. An influencer’s blog or social media content can last a long time compared to paid campaigns. 
  2. Better than traditional PR – spending the time writing a press release can have benefits, but there’s often no guarantee it will be published. Working with an influencer gives your business more control over the message, as well as the visibility of completed work. You may see instant results.
  3. Builds brand trust – authenticity is key with branding – suppose an influencer has 10,000 highly engaged followers, they will hear about your brand and will want to try your products or services.
  4. Creating awareness –create brand awareness and visibility with a new audience or following.

For a list of further benefits on influencer marketing, take a look here.

Organising an influencer campaign takes time, effort and a lot of research! We provide this support - we can spend time on research and engagement on your behalf,  ensuring your Influencer marketing strategy is optimal.