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Social media optimisation – our top tips

There are many ways you can tackle social media optimisation (SMO) and as your local social media marketing agency, we’re sharing our top techniques and tactics to aid improvements.

  1. An overall social media strategy at a high level, defining brand voice, content pillars and a long-term plan.
  2. Social media profile optimisation so your customers and potential customers can find you and your content with ease.
  3. At individual post level to optimise and improve ongoing reach and engagement.

Making vast improvements to all of the above opportunities will result in strengthening your online presence, connecting you to the right audience, increasing your brand awareness and generally improving leads or sales.

In this month’s blog, we’re highlighting our top tips for defining optimisation in each of these focus areas.

  1. Strategising
  2. The analytics or insights on your social media channel will help you to understand how your current social media plan is working and where there may be a need for improvement, so this is a great place to start. From here, you should be able to clearly establish your new social media goals to aid overall improvement, but most importantly, ensure that these goals align with your wider marketing strategy.
  3. Check your bios
  4. Your bios are one of the most obvious starting points when it comes to optimisation of your social media profiles. A bio offers visitors a summary of your business, who you are, what you do or the topics that you cover. As well as confirming the basics like contact details for more information. And don’t forget the all important call to actions with links to your website, links to eCommerce products or even links to specific landing pages which are optimised for conversion.
  5. Polishing your posts
  6. This is where you have the opportunity to get clever with optimisation, there are so many considerations when it comes to your posts, it can feel overwhelming, so remember you don’t need to cover everything in every single post. Here’s our helpful  little sub list, to get you started:
    • Tagging others – from colleagues on LinkedIn to other partner businesses on Facebook – tagging someone or a business can increase reach and engagement
    • Captions and headlines – draw your audience in with catchy lines to ensure they read the full post
    • Hashtags – particularly on Instagram and LinkedIn. You should even consider hashtagging your keyword search terms to make your posts more discoverable
    • Knowing your audience – remember they won’t all be the same, mix your content styles to cover all bases and don’t forget to use insights to give you that steer
    • When and how many? – Mondays or Saturdays? Mornings or evenings? Once a week or once a day? Insights and trialling can help you decide

If you’re reading our tips and feel ready to head on your own SMO mission, we wish you lots of luck and success. But if you’re reading our list and still not sure where to begin, then we can provide further support. activ Digital North Essex offers a range of social media marketing services and packages to suit every budget and business. You can be sure your channels are in the safe hands.