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Top SEO Considerations

SEO driving you mad?

Just like many digital marketing processes, you could spend your whole career editing, updating, launching and perfecting SEO strategies just for one website.  We have spent some time breaking down the most important things we think you should consider as part of your SEO plan and that any decent SEO professional should be recommending to you.

  1. Crawling accessibility – This is the process in which search engine crawlers go around the World Wide Web looking over all the code and content on each active URL they find.  The content doesn’t necessarily have to be a webpage, it could be an image, PDF or video but each piece of content needs to have a URL.  You want to make sure that the crawlers have access to your site so they can read through and index your content effectively, otherwise all your content will go to waste!
  2. Relevant content – Based on your knowledge of your target audience and your website visitors, you want to make sure you have a substantial amount of relevant content on your site that can deliver your pages to the top of the rankings.  When developing content, it should not only be relevant to your business goals but also your target audience.
  3. Keyword optimised – Think of the terms or phrases that users type into Google to find your product or service as ‘keywords’.  If you can insert as many of these keywords into your content without it sounding too forced then your organic search numbers will continue to grow each month.
  4. The user experience – Your website needs to be modern, user-friendly and fast at loading.  Without these you risk being dropped down the Google search results.
  5. Share-worthy content – What you create and publish should always be share-worthy, if it’s not then keep working on it!  You can encourage your users to share articles or blog entries on social media and share products/services with their friends.
  6. URL, Title & Descriptions – Your URL should be relevant to your business and easy to spell.  In some cases it is beneficial for the product or business type to be included in the URL.  Each webpage within your site should be appropriately titled and complete with a short description of what a user can expect to find on the page (extra points if you can get your keywords into this!)

Good SEO support can help

All good SEO marketing support teams should be able to identify and support you on the above points.  It is likely they will want to work with you and your business closely to understand some of the specific challenges and help you to write relevant content and copy (if this isn’t your strong point).

Perhaps you are a nail technician and when it comes to intricately painting nails you’re top of the leaderboard, but give you a keyboard and ask you to write a blog post or copy for a webpage you fear getting it wrong.

That is where activ Digital Marketing North Essex can help support your small business.  Click here to find out more about our SEO packages today!