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Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Rather than reflecting on the year gone by, which has been hugely productive and rewarding, with so many wonderful clients assisted, we thought we’d look ahead to next year and how marketing activity can be maximised for all business goals.

We are your local marketing professionals that thrive on assisting small businesses in the area to succeed. Part of that package is staying ahead of emerging marketing trends.

The marketing landscape is continually evolving, presenting challenges for both seasoned marketers and new startups. We know how important staying ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing is and it requires a keen understanding of emerging trends. So, what does the future hold for digital marketing in 2024?

We have done our research and identified key digital marketing trends for the year ahead, which will hopefully be a big help for your business.

Short and Impactful Video Content

Video content remains a powerhouse in marketing. While longer videos can convey extensive information, the trend is leaning towards short-form videos for quick, effective communication. With attention spans diminishing, especially among avid users of platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook with reels and stories, then keeping your videos concise and to the point is crucial.

Social Media as Customer Service

Social media has transformed into a primary customer service tool for many brands. Reports indicate that customers prefer communicating with brands through direct messages on social platforms. Be prepared to engage with your audience and address inquiries or feedback through your social feeds. Whilst we know quality social media can be incredibly time consuming, it looks set to be something that should be prioritised.

SEO Dominance

Although not a new concept, SEO is increasingly integral to marketing strategies. Surveys on marketers’ investment plans for 2024 consistently rank SEO among the top three strategies. Recognising its importance, we’ve prioritised SEO services since our inception, understanding its essential role in fostering online business growth. SEO is always evolving and the introduction of AI has changed the way rankings are graded, number of keywords used in copy etc (we won’t go into too much detail now) but here at activ we ensure we are always on top of new recommendations.

Mobile-Optimised Responsive Design

With over half of online traffic originating from mobile devices, mobile optimisation and responsive web design are more crucial than ever. Ensuring that websites adapt to provide optimal views on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, is a significant digital marketing opportunity.

Blogging's Continued Relevance

Despite its longevity, blogging remains a potent tool for engagement and conversion. It offers a platform for meaningful interaction with consumers and serves as a valuable SEO tool. Our websites feature blog capabilities, and as part of our SEO services, we assist in crafting blog posts to direct traffic and enhance your online presence.

As you navigate through these digital marketing trends in 2024, remember that activ Digital Marketing North Essex  is here to assist. We offer a range of digital marketing services and packages tailored to suit every business and budget. 

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