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Website Legal Documents

At Activ we strive to provide excellent customer service and always point out that your website should carry certain legal documents and it is good practice to supply these to us to add along with your other content. We always give helpful advice but, of course, cannot give legal advice.

The following Legalo templates and guides are provided free of charge to Activ clients. You may use these templates as an Activ client but Activ cannot provide any legal advice or support in regard to the use of these templates. Legal compliance is a matter for clients.

Guide to Privacy Policy Template

Privacy Policy Template

Guide to Terms of use of website Template

Terms of use of website template

Last updated June 2019

If you have any questions about the legal templates and how to use them or adapt them, or have legal questions relating to them or the GDPR, Legalo have a  free helpline on 0333 355 4900. They have also published this article to help explain the changes to Privacy Policies in light of GDPR

Furthermore Legalo also published a really helpful article to assist you with legal requirements when planning your website:

NB The provision of this service does not imply the endorsement or recommendation of this service by Activ. Each client should seek the legal advice they deem appropriate for their business.