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Why should my website have SSL


What is HTTPS?


HTTP is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and any website that you connect to – HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP and signifies that communications between your browser and that website are encrypted. HTTPS protocol is achieved through the purchase and installation of a security certificate – SSL In the past https was only required for sites exchanging sensitive information eg processsing credit card details, and therefore most other sites used http by default. That situation has now changed and new sites will be https by default. Businesses with older sites will need to look at upgrading from http to https.

Why should I move to HTTPS?SSL

  • adding an SSL certificate makes your site more secure and gives data integrity*
  • an SSL certificate gives users more peace of mind and trust*
  • adding an SSL certificate on your site will give you a minor ranking boost*..
* whereas previously browsers used to mark sites with SSL certificates as secure, the default position has changed and now sites not using https are flagged as not secure, and sites where users require a login for any area will trigger a warning asking if the user wants to login in to a non secure area. This can of course affect user confidence and cause a negative impact for your site. We are faciliting all our customers to transfer to https on request and new customers can be assured that new sites will have this as standard.