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Don’t have a website?

Why EVERY business needs one.......

If your business is already reasonably successful, perhaps with a strong clientele, you may be questioning why your business would need a website.

Sure, we all know that having an online presence is effective but if you’re making a healthy profit each month, wouldn’t a website be an unnecessary cost for your business?

Many local small business owners in the area may ask, “We don’t sell anything online, why do I need a website?”.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the importance of a website for any business, and take a look at how an effective website can also be a wise investment.


COVID-19 altered the digital landscape, especially in retail. With millions of shoppers now online buying everything from books to banquets, if you choose to go without a website, it’s likely you’ll lose clients to your competitors who have gone digital with a shop window. Even if they aren’t using an ecommerce site for their business, having an online storefront will likely be attracting new customers to their products or services, helping them sell their business even when their physical business is closed.

Potential customers

A website is an essential step in a customer’s journey. We all research or shop around before we buy a product or commit to a service. You may have social media channels, however an effective website is where you want your target audience to end up. It’s on your website that you’ll inspire action from potential customers. A website is a professional overview of what you offer. A customer will expect to visit your website and find out more about your business. With just a social account, they may not take the next logical step in the customer journey – a visit or a sale.


Anyone online can create a social media account, hence it can decrease the credibility of a business social media page. Customers don’t know who’s behind a social media page. Creating a professional business website indicates that you’re serious about your business, offering potential customers brand credibility.

It also goes without saying that in a world full of online reviews, what your customers say about your business can sometimes determine whether potential customers will use your services or buy your products. So while Google Business reviews are good, your website is the best place for people to get more information about your business. Displaying your best testimonials on your website is an effective way to establish trust. Publishing your best reviews on your website ensures that third-party review sites don’t minimise or edit the good things people say about your business.

Lasting value

When you invest in an effective business website, it can continue to generate value for your business even years after you’ve created it. If you pay for ads on social media, your potential clients will only see your ads for as long as you run them. If they don’t see it, you may end up paying again to run the same ad campaign. A business website however, will give you ROI over time, in addition to the chance to optimise it regularly and gain more returns or potential customers.

Creative control

Since your business website would be your property, you would get absolute design freedom, unlike with social media platforms, you can make it your own. It’s a great opportunity to engage customers in your unique branding and share what your business is all about or what it means to you. And, if there’s a social media blackout, like when Facebook or Instagram disappear for several hours, your website and its content remain safe.

Still Confused?

Your are not alone – many local business owners may find creating and hosting an effective website daunting – hence why some still do not have a website. That’s why reaching out to a local consultant (like us) can make it easier. Especially when we can tailor to individual budgets. Building a website and an online presence is more affordable than you think. And with our support managing a website is easier than you think too!  

We're here to help you make the step to getting'activ' online.

So if you’d like to get in touch to discuss getting your website up and running, please do contact us for a free consultation.