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We Do More Than Just Web Design

It’s tempting when thinking of marketing your business to focus entirely on your website. Whilst this is an integral part of showcasing your business, at activ Digital Marketing North Essex we know it is only part of the process and that is why we offer the whole package to ensure you make the most of the marketing mix and elevate your business to the next level.

Are you a new business? We know there are mountains of tasks that need to be ticked off that never-ending list, we can help alleviate some of that overload with a New Business Start-Up Package. This includes all your business will need to get out of the starting blocks and begin the marketing of your new business.

As well as website design, here at activ Digital Marketing North Essex we can offer the following services:


We fully maintain and manage the hosting environment for your website.

This ‘invisible’ benefit happens behind the scenes where our HO technical team work hard keeping software and security monitored and up to date.

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation

At activ when we build your website we include on-page optimisation – a valuable benefit. We also understand the use of off-page optimisation to generate targeted visitor traffic to websites. We will explain this to you in easy to understand terms without the use of confusing jargon, and we have packages of work to suit different budgets and goals. Simply speaking, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means working with your website to improve performance for search terms that are important to your business.

PPC- Pay Per Click

Where advertisers pay each time a searcher clicks on an online ad.

In Google, text ads can appear at the top and bottom of the search results pages on both desktop and mobile. In some cases they can appear in the local pack of listings (map). Shopping ads (product listings) with images can appear in carousels at the top of the search results on mobile and desktop, and in the right column on desktop. Working with a certified professional to create and manage your paid advertising campaigns leaves you free to concentrate on running your business whilst knowing your budget is being used effectively. 

Social Media Management

Use the power of social media to – increase your reach, connect with your audience, build new customers, create ambassadors for your business, build your brand awareness and more!

Video Content

We offer a simple and affordable video production service for small businesses. We know you don’t need, or have budget for, a full-length feature film but we also know you understand the value of video content and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

Digi Business Cards

Climate awareness has made us all increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprints.

A digital business card provides solutions. Firstly, in being an easy, convenient and professional answer to passing on your contact details whilst online (and also offline in a contactless way). Secondly, by reducing your reliance on traditional paper business cards.

Graphic Design

With over 30 years experience in creative design for both smaller local businesses and a number of large blue-chip organisations including Ford Motor Company, Toyota, British Gas, Moffett Mounty, CNH, Netcall, Touchstone, Redstone and Fluke Networks, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients.

We help businesses build and communicate their brand through strategic and creative thinking. We are passionate about building long lasting relationships and working in partnership with our clients. We take the time to truly understand the brief and the bigger picture and we believe this personal touch sets us apart from many other design agencies.

We also offer a Marketing Academy, including Planning, Branding, New Business Start Up, Copywriting and Influencer & PR Activity!

As the title of the blog states, we definitely do more than just web design…but we do that pretty well also.

Drop us a line and we can begin your marketing journey or fine tune an existing plan for you