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Introducing Digital Business Cards

We are excited to introduce a new service – digital business cards!

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is created online via our easy to use and trusted platform.  It can hold as much or as little information as you wish and is accessed via a link – take a look at mine for an example You can share this link in many ways –
  • In a chat room when in online meetings
  • In email communications – make it part of your signature
  • In online chats such as WhatsApp, Skype
  • Via your social media – and so on
BUT the added bonus is that your card contains a QR code with your information – this can be scanned, and your details are added directly to your contacts’ phone! You don’t have to worry about your card being lost, misfiled or even thrown away!

Personalise it

You can add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like – in addition to standard contact information you can personalise your card with a photo, logo, social media profiles and more!

Here are some benefits of going digital with your business cards:

Sustainable – reduce waste

With so many paper business cards being thrown away shortly after receiving them they are not the most eco-friendly way to exchange contact details.  Introducing digital business cards also saves duplication how often do you find yourself taking a card that you know you have previously been given – or vice versa – giving your card to the same person at networking again and again and again…

Cost Effective and convenient

No matter where you are, if you have access to your phone or a computer, you’ll have access to your digital business card! No more worrying whether you’ve remembered to take your cards with you or if supply is low and you’ve forgotten to order more! Our digital business cards are flexible and easy to change – have you changed jobs or position, got a new phone number or made a typo?  These are costly edits with traditional business cards but not with digital cards – your cards can always be up to date with your latest information.


Whilst we look forward to life and work moving back to physical meetings there’s no doubt that virtual is here to stay and will be a big part of the mix – so now is the perfect time to invest in a digital business card.  Digital business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere, making your networking possibilities endless – simply send over the link or QR code by email, text or social media! There are so many sharing options – hold up your QR code to the camera when on a video call for all attendees to scan. Add your QR code to your video call background. Add the QR code to your bespoke phone cover. We’re sure you can think of many more. This is a great germ-free/no contact way to make connections!.

Increased Awareness

It is sadly the case that when many people receive a business card they will throw it away or simply file and  forget it.  When you share your digital business card QR code, you don’t get lost or forgotten but instead are added directly to the recipient’s contacts.

Have we convinced you to get activ and go digital?

Creating your digital business card with us is easy.  Simply click here and be taken to our digital business card builder!  If you’d rather have a chat first, then please get in touch – we do offer discounts for businesses needing several cards
digital business cards