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Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Startup

When you’re a start up business we know that each and every penny has to be accounted for and stretch pretty far at the beginning. You’re thinking about the production costs, services, paying staff, retail or office space, now you need people to know about you and your product or service but that requires Marketing, and that’s another cost.

You might be tempted to cut this cost and attempt to spread the marketing tasks across those setting up the business. It’s easy right? You might think, ‘I can make a website using one of those free design sites’, or  ‘Social media is easy and quick, how hard can it be?’.

This is fatal for a start-up. Yes there are free design websites out there but do they have the necessary technology to ensure your website is safe and secure from hackers? Probably not. And yes, social media for personal use can be quick and easy but that’s not the case at all when you’re looking at using social media to promote your business.

Posts needs to be thoroughly thought through, frequent and consistent to be effective and this takes a lot of time and effort and that’s before you begin to gather the content that will carry this thought through messaging…cue finding the perfect location, capturing the right angle, making it look slick and professional, writing that engaging caption and adding the necessary hashtags and calls to action. It’s exhausting just thinking through the process.

This is when using your start up budget to employ the experts to take the pressure off and make that small budget work most cost effectively is definitely the right call.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency like activ Digital Marketing North Essex, when your business is in its infancy will cut down costs in the long term.

An agency like activ has the expertise and the man power to find your customer base from the beginning, ensuring your target market is reached from day dot without wasting time and resources on reaching people who might never be potential customers.

A marketing agency allows you to focus on your other many business needs, they free up your time to be used more effectively as the expert in your product or service. Marketing agency staff are able to come up with fresh ideas, knowing what is effective in the current market and industry. A digital Marketing Agency like activ offers measurable results on any campaign so you can be sure your time and effort and importantly your budget is used to full affect.

As a start-up it’s important to tell the story of your new business. This can be daunting when you’re the business owner, think about writing your CV, awkward isn’t it. Most of us feel uncomfortable singing our own praises but a marketing agency knows the power of storytelling and will be able to create customer engagement through your story by asking the right questions and telling the right people, let them take away the awkwardness of shouting about your achievements.

Here at activ Digital Marketing North Essex we have helped many start-ups over the years reach their goals in a short amount of time by taking the pressure off them expecting to be the experts in every part of starting a new business and we can assist you also, whatever your budget may be.

Give us a call and see how we can get your business known straight out of the blocks.