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SEO EssexThe term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can often fill website owners with dread – they think it is confusing and expensive. Well it can be… BUT it doesn’t have to be!

At Activ our philosophy is to keep things simple, straightforward and affordable.

SEO is simply about ensuring your website has a chance of being found for the search phrases that are important to your business.

There are two main areas, in simple terms

  • on page – what is happening on your website and,
  • off page – links from elsewhere that lead back to your website

There are many, many factors which influence search results, and yes some of them are very technical – but enough of them are just good practise and you shouldn’t be daunted by them but instead embrace them.

Here are some top tips for ON PAGE SEO

  • a good website – a website that can not only be read by your visitors but also by search engines
  • a well designed website – a website that engages your visitor, tempts them to look through it and encourages interaction
  • attention to detail – correct naming of images and links, use of headings, titles, internal linking etc.
  • use of meta data – information to support the page contents – useful for search engines and human visitors
  • content – well written, unique and regularly updated – write for your visitor NOT the search engines
  • mobile – offer a mobile option for your visitors

Lisa Smith

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